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Single and multi-loop process controllers.  Simple relay-only units to 2 and 3 loop programmable controllers.  Askco has a size, features, and price to fit any application.

For best control of your mechanical and electrical processes, pick from the excellent selection that Askco.com has to offer 

At Askco.com, we stock multi-loop and single-loop process controllers of all specifications. Our company is a major in-stock supplier of the best controllers in the industry today. Simply contact us for the particular price, features, and sizes that you require for your own application. We also have 2 and 3 loop programmable controllers as well as low cost relay-only units.  

You can also rely on us for our controls from Eurotherm which are known for their reliability and precision control. We stock a large variety of Eurotherm controls for immediate delivery.  You can count on Askco.com for support before and after your purchase.: 

Here are a few of the many control groups that we offer


  • 3500 series – an ethernet-capable option with maximum flexibility and superior control
  • 3200 series – contains the full features of controllers and offers the best value
  • 2704 series – also ethernet-capable with up to three loops and in a small format but with high density control
  • 2400 series – 8 step programmer available as a no charge feature with modular outputs for easy setup and configuration change
  • 2200 series – contains modular outputs, easy to use, and offers great value
  • EPC3000 series – newest Eurotherm control for superior excellence in control and cyber security


Most controller series are available in 1/16, 1/8, and l/4 din sizes.  

Contact us at Askco.com today for all your controllers.

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